Migratory history exposes TB

Patrizia, 36, presents to the ED with sudden onset of weight loss (5kg in a month), and multiple masses on the right side of her neck.

She denies a history of fever, cough, haemoptysis, fatigue, or dyspnoea. She has no significant past medical history, and her only medication is the combined oral contraceptive pill.

She migrated to Australia from the Philippines in 2001, and has no other history of travel. She can't recall any history of TB, either personally or in family members.

She is unsure if she has undergone BCG immunisation. Patrizia is a non-smoker and does not consume alcohol.

Patrizia appears well. She has enlarged masses on the right side of her neck. Her vital signs are stable.

Examination reveals three palpable, firm, non-tender lumps within the anterior triangle of the right side of her neck, and one palpable, firm, non