Not just part of getting older

I'D spent most of my life reading. As a child, I was often up a tree, immersed in a book.

I studied medicine, graduating in 1948 and ultimately became involved in working with people with intellectual disability. In this field I published some of the first research on medical disorders associated with intellectual disability.

About a decade ago I noticed I needed more light for close work. I attributed this declining vision to old age.

Later, flashes of light began to appear in my visual field. Being busy at the time, I ignored these symptoms.

One Saturday, I was reading at the gym while on a treadmill. Suddenly there was a section in the middle of the page of text that was blank. My heart sank -- I knew this wasn't good.

I rang my ophthalmologist and he referred me to a retinal specialist who kindly saw me immediately. Eventually he told me that I had the wet kind of age-related macular