Online assistance for an elderly woman with depression

She benefits from an online program and finds unexpected enjoyment

Margaret is 73 years old and has always been 'determined'.

She has been gradually getting more and more housebound over the past few months, as she waits for a knee replacement. 

She has been unable to participate in her usual activities with her art group or tend her garden.

Her family has been doing their best to keep her spirits up, visiting her often, but she has been very cranky, and told her daughter that she was finding the grandchildren noisy and irritating.

Margaret has begun to worry about possible complications of her operation, and is considering cancelling it. Margaret's daughter asks her GP to talk to her mother about this decision.

On further questioning, it is apparent that Margaret's spirits are very low. She has been very well until relatively recently, but is now not coping well with her pain and immobility. Her