Teen's depression sparks suicide worries

A 17-year-old girl presents to a GP after her parents become worried about a change in her behaviour

Hannah is a 17-year-old female about to begin Year 12 in high school.

She is the eldest of four children in a loving, middle-class family.

One brother has autism and is not living at home. Hannah's mother has had breast cancer, which is currently in remission.

Hannah's parents made an appointment with a GP after realising something was not quite right with Hannah. During the Christmas holidays, her parents noticed a change in her behaviour.

She appeared unhappy, and complained of being sad for no reason and bored. This was very unusual, since Hannah had always been a happy, gregarious child who is the life of the party, enjoys lots of things, has many friends and is a school prefect.

However, recently she has looked tired and seems to have lost interest in sport and everyday activities that she previously enjoyed, has been less talkative, less friendly, and has asked