It’s not just the sun’s fault

Sildenafil has been linked to melanoma risk

Australasia has the world’s highest incidence of melanoma. This is attributed to the impact of high levels of solar radiation on a predominantly fair-skinned population of Anglo-Saxon origin.

This is supported by comparisons with similar populations who remained in the UK.

There is however abundant evidence that other factors also play a significant role. For example, many melanomas occur on non-sun-damaged skin, and persons with similar levels of sun-exposure have different incidences of melanoma.

The link between melanoma and some other malignancies (particularly breast cancer) cannot be explained by UV radiation.

In a recent study on 28,848 male healthcare professionals in the US, it was found that ever having used, or recent use of, sildenafil increased melanoma risk by a factor of 1.92 and 1.84 respectively. 1

The risk remained after adjusting for factors including erectile