Is cryotherapy the best treatment for common warts?

Liquid nitrogen (LN2) cryotherapy is my treatment of choice for common warts.

It wasn’t until John, a uni student, asked for my thoughts on wart creams that I realised I used cryotherapy out of habit. I reviewed the Therapeutic Guidelines – topical salicylic acid is first line therapy.1

But I like freezing things!

What evidence exists?

Step 1: The Cochrane Library

There is one systematic review (2006): “The evidence... was generally weak due to poor methodology and reporting... the best available evidence was for simple topical treatments containing salicylic acid, which were clearly better than placebo... Evidence for the absolute efficacy of cryotherapy was surprisingly lacking.”2

Step 2: PubMed

Is there any new research? 

Search term: warts AND cryotherapy; limited to randomised controlled trials