10 facts about My Health Record

A guide to answering patients’ questions

From now on, many of your patients will be asking about My Health Record (MHR) and what it means for them.

All general practices will receive an education kit from the RACGP in coming days, if they haven’t already done so.

Meanwhile, here are 10 fast facts to help you get through the transition phase and answer patients’ questions.

  1. Over the next three months patients can choose to opt out of the program by visiting the MHR website or calling 1800 723 471 for assistance.
  2. The MHR will not contain any content. It be activated when the patient logs in for the first time or when a healthcare provider accesses the record during treatment. 
  3. Two years of Medicare and PBS records will then be added to the MHR, unless a patient chooses not to include this information. 
  4. Patients will also be able to upload personal notes,