The 10 key messages

  1. Too often I see pharmacy owners creating a business that reflects what they think pharmacy is about instead of knowing what the customer needs and wants. Peter Saccasan, RSM Bird Cameron
  2. In pharmacy we try to do too much too often. Especially in remote areas this just doesn't work. Hannah Mann, Kinberley Pharmacy Services & 2015 Pharmacy of the Year winner
  3. You should spend time listening to your clients and stakeholders. Find out what are the barriers for your least engaged patients, what will make a difference for them. Hannah Mann
  4. The most important missed aspect of pharmacy profitability is controlling labour costs. Not in terms of downsizing, but simply in reducing admin, efficiency, rostering etc. Michael Hazilias, EasyEmployer
  5. 48% of customers remain in the pharmacy for the duration of the dispensing process. The average time of this process is 4 minutes 52 seconds. Michael Hazilias