10-minute online tool checks cognition in depression

Aussie-developed simple tool can tell if those with major depression have cognitive dysfunction

A quick and easy online tool to screen for cognitive deficits in people with major depression has been developed by Australian researchers.

The potential of ‘THINC-it’ as a screening tool has been demonstrated in a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

“People suffering from major depressive disorder frequently experience cognitive dysfunction, which reduces their ability to think clearly, concentrate and remember important information,” says lead author Dr Matthew Knight (PhD), a research officer in psychiatry at the University of Adelaide.

The cognitive deficits that often accompany major depression affect patients’ daily lives and may lead to unemployment, and so need to be detected and treated, the authors say.

Both objective cognitive outcomes and self-perceived cognitive deficits in the THINC-it tool are associated with global psychosocial