$25k fine for GP who claimed to cure cancer with herbs

Perth-based Dr William Barnes admitted to advertising on a website that his “non toxic herbal and nutritional treatment” was an “alternative treatment for cancer”, the Medical Board of Australia said in orders made in October. The matter was resolved by consent, and the judgement provided to MO by the board. 

The advertisement claimed Dr Barnes’ treatment comprised oral and/or intravenous administration of green tea polyphenols, genistein from soy beans, curcumin from turmeric, quercetin, vitamin C, selenium, “anti-cancer herbs”, and “mineral replacements” following hair analysis and a diet, the board said.

“At all times while the advertisement was maintained… neither the treatment alone or in combination was recognised by competent medical practitioners or oncologists as proper or effective treatment for cancer,” the board said.

“There was no sound scientific basis