3 steps to diagnosing PCOS

Australian-led GP toolkit launches

GPs have access to a new guide on diagnosing and managing PCOS thanks to a team at Monash University, Melbourne. 

The PCOS GP Tool and care plan resources have been published as part of a new international guideline on the condition, led by Monash University Professor Helena Teede, director of the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation. 

The guideline has been developed by 70 experts from around the world and is published in three international journals: Clinical Endocrinology, Human Reproduction, and Fertility and Sterility.

Key changes in their guideline relate to improving accuracy of diagnosis; reducing unnecessary testing; and increasing the focus on education, lifestyle modification, emotional wellbeing and quality of life.

The GP toolkit includes a three-step guide to diagnosing PCOS, as well as up