40% of GPs experience mental health issues: UK survey

Being a GP doesn’t make it easier to talk about your own mental health problems

Around four in 10 GPs report having experienced a mental health problem, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, a UK survey has found.

Most said they would not turn to colleagues for help, but rather they would seek support from their own doctor, or family and friends, according to the online questionnaire conducted by UK-based mental health charity Mind.

In the poll of 1066 GPs from England and Wales, 84% said they would seek support from friends and family, while 77% said they would speak to their own doctor.

Just under half (45%) of those who responded said they would turn to colleagues, while one-third (30%) would tell their practice manager.

Only 3% said they would tell a professional body such as the UK’s General Medical Council, according to a BMJ report.

“Working in healthcare doesn’t make it any easier to talk about your mental