5 changes to PCOS management GPs need to know about

Doctors no longer need to use ultrasound to diagnose the condition

Ultrasound is no longer recommended in young women with suspected PCOS if they display two key features of the condition, according to the new Australian-led international guidelines. 

The recommendations are designed to simplify and improve the accuracy of diagnosing the condition, which affects up to one in eight women, says a supplement in the Medical Journal of Australia, aimed at helping translate the new guidelines into clinical practice.

“PCOS is an endocrine disorder underpinned by insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism,” write the authors, led by endocrinologist Professor Helena Teede of Monash University in Melbourne.

“We aim to improve accuracy and to simplify and facilitate timely diagnosis while avoiding overdiagnosis, especially in adolescents,” they say.

The authors express concern over diagnoses based solely on an ovarian ultrasound and say doctors