5 reasons to stop prescribing vitamin D for bones

Supplementation doesn't prevent fractures, falls or improve bone density

There is little reason to continue prescribing vitamin D for bone health, because it doesn’t prevent fractures, falls or improve bone density.

The authors of a large meta-analysis published in Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology say their findings show vitamin D supplementation has little justification — except in rare cases of rickets or osteomalacia where exposure to sunlight is a factor. 

Since the last major review in 2014, more than 30 randomised controlled trials on bone health and vitamin D have been published, nearly doubling the evidence-base available. 

“Our findings suggest that vitamin D supplementation does not prevent fracture or falls, or have clinically meaningful effects on bone mineral density,” say the researchers, led by Dr Mark Bolland, of the University of Auckland, New Zealand. 

“There were no differences between the effects of higher and lower doses of