5 steps to managing concussion in children

Latest guidelines say it's best to avoid routine imaging

The best way to manage children with concussion has become clearer for GPs, with the release of the most comprehensive guideline to date.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guideline includes 19 recommendations and advises GPs to use the broader term 'mild traumatic brain injury' instead of 'concussion'.

Among the practice-changing recommendations is to avoid routine imaging for diagnosis to reduce unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Published in JAMA Pediatrics, the guideline is based on a comprehensive review of the evidence over the past 25 years and covers initial assessment through to return to activity.

“This guideline identifies the best practices based on the current evidence for healthcare professionals in primary care, outpatient specialty, inpatient, and emergency care settings; updates may be made as the body of evidence grows,” the authors write.