5 ways to tackle overdiagnosis

A national group has been set up to push forward initiatives to address the issue that affects 'too many Australians'

An alliance of clinical, consumer, research and public organisations has formed to tackle the growing problem of overdiagnosis, says medical researcher Dr Ray Moynihan.

The Wiser Healthcare research collaboration aims to push forward with initiatives and research to address overdiagnosis, a healthcare priority affecting “too many people" in Australia, Dr Moynihan writes in the Medical Journal of Australia.

“An ongoing series of articles has raised concerns about overdiagnosis across a wide range of conditions, including pulmonary embolism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and pre-diabetes,” says Dr Moynihan, a senior research fellow at the Centre of Research in Evidence-Based Practice at Bond University on the Gold Coast.

There are many reason for this, including cultural beliefs that more tests and treatments are better, a professional fear of missing diseases, along with