$500 million initiative to tackle obesity

The project, which relied on the sale of a donated Picasso painting for some of its funding, is aimed at finding new ways to address diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other illnesses related to poor nutrition and inactivity.

It brings together hundreds of scientists and researchers from vastly different backgrounds who will try to understand what makes people fat and unhealthy. A major focus will be health issues affecting Indigenous people.

A 50,000m2 building housing lecture halls and close to 1000 researchers will be the hub of the project, named in honour of Charles Perkins, the first Aboriginal man in Australia to graduate from university.

"He is one of those figures that embodies everything we want the centre to be," said academic director Professor Stephen Simpson.

"The centre is challenging. It thinks differently. It takes a broader view and ultimately will have an impact.
"Charles Perkins was also an Aboriginal man who