8 key facts about Aussies cutting back on booze

Baby boomers least likely to have cut down, youngsters leading the way

Young adults are setting an example for their baby boomer parents, with new Australian research showing they are leading the way when it comes to cutting back on the booze.

Over the past 12 years, almost one-third of Australians across all ages and sexes have reduced the amount of alcohol they consume, according to data from almost 120,000 people.

But those aged 24-29 are leading the way, with nearly 50% cutting back, citing lifestyle factors such as work and family as their reason for easing off.

Patients over 30 were more likely to modify their drinking for health reasons, La Trobe University researchers report in Alcohol and Alcoholism.

They analysed 12 years of data from five waves of the National Drug Strategy Household Survey to examine Australians’ drinking habits in the previous 12 months.

It appears getting drunk is becoming socially unacceptable, with more than one-third