Abbott opposes Tas euthanasia bill

TASMANIAN Premier Lara Giddings said her Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2013 was based on "the values of compassion, respect for human dignity, and freedom of choice". The bill would establish a state registrar to oversee the process of people seeking voluntary euthanasia.

The bill would let terminally ill patients end their life within 10 days of seeing their doctor and feature penalties for any health professional found to pressure them in relation to euthanasia.

Mr Abbott was quoted telling the ABC he did not support legalising voluntary euthanasia and preferred the status quo, adding that “there's no reason why doctors can't administer pain relief and we know that sometimes if you administer pain relief, you do have… the unintended consequence of shortening life”.

But he said that his party would not intervene in Tasmania, as it did in 1996 with Northern Territory, saying “Tasmania is entitled to do what Tasmania thinks is