AGPN blasted for role in ML reforms

TWO of AGPN’s highest profile directors have broken ranks with the divisions body, using their board re-election bids to launch a stinging criticism of its role in the controversial change to Medicare Locals (MLs).

NSW GP Dr Arn Sprogis and South Australian GP Dr Rod Pearce, both proponents of the $417 million ML scheme and both up for re-election this week, told MO that AGPN had so far failed to press the government effectively on primary care spending.

Votes for the board elections, cast by representatives from individual divisions, were being counted as MO went to press.

Dr Sprogis’s candidate statement, published on AGPN’s website with those of Dr Pearce and four other contenders, says the organisation “must do much more to encourage a significantly increased investment in the ML process in real time.”

“I don’t accept that the outcomes and resources negotiated to this point