AGPN questioned over legality of asset switch

AGPN was scheduled to hold a vote at its annual meeting in Brisbane in June but was forced to postpone when the volcanic ash cloud disrupted air travel and kept heads of divisions and SBOs from attending.

With opposition among some SBOs and divisions, there had been doubts AGPN would succeed in changing its constitution to let it switch over to a national MLs body.

General Practice South Australia (GPSA) chair Dr Cathy Sanders wrote to AGPN chair Dr Emil Djakic ahead of the AGPN national forum last week saying AGPN’s constitution – bound by the Corporations Act – prevented it transferring assets to another body without a vote.

Dr Djakic wrote back that since the government had not yet endorsed AGPN’s proposal to set up the ML body “we have not fixed a set timetable for any transitioning”.

“There has been no decision taken to wind up AGPN,” he wrote, adding members’ views on any possible