AGPN won’t be ‘cheer squad’, directors warn

AGPN’s two newly elected independent directors say they won’t let the organisation be a government “cheer squad” and that they will campaign for more money to be directed towards the “brutally underfunded” primary healthcare sector.

NSW GP Dr Arn Sprogis told MO his re-election for a second three-year term last week showed many divisions agreed with his assertion that Medicare Local (ML) funding “doesn’t even come close to what’s required for an effective process”. ML funding, currently at $417 million over four years, should be increased to over $1 billion, he told MO.

“A lot of the funding that’s been provided to the public hospital system would have been much better provided in the primary healthcare area to reduce the never-ending influx of people into the hospitals,” he said.

“It strikes me what the government is after is a cheer squad, and what it&rsquo