AGPN’s Djakic ‘out of step with reality’: Health

Dr Djakic said the department’s high scrutiny and changing demands when finalising ML contracts were hampering MLs – particularly the first 19, which began last July – from demonstrating their value before the coalition is expected take power at the next federal election within 18 months.

The department immediately hit back saying Dr Djakic’s remarks were “out of step with the reality of what is occurring”, arguing it was not changing rules, and that the rollout was “on track and on time”. 

“The network has been well aware of the timeframes all along and has been working cooperatively with the department to achieve them,” said the spokesperson.

But Dr Djakic said he was so concerned the department was becoming “another controlling influence”, he could no longer stay silent.

“We’ve been surprised at the level of detail that [the department] has