AHPRA says nothing to fear in police deal

It has agreed to share information about criminal allegations

AHPRA says health practitioners have “nothing to be concerned about” in a deal it has signed with police to share information about alleged sexual offences or other crimes.

Stress concept

The watchdog has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Victoria Police to “enable greater cooperation which will see the public better protected”.

Under the deal, the police agree to inform AHPRA of any allegations or evidence that “concerns the health, performance or conduct of a registered health practitioner ... that may, or is likely to, detrimentally affect his/her practice of a health profession”.

That includes any evidence that a practitioner is working with an undisclosed “physical or mental impairment”, including substance abuse or dependence.

AHPRA CEO Martin Fletcher says the watchdog already informs police and encourages complainants to come forward when they learn of possible crimes involving health practitioners.

“We are not proposing to do anything differently from what we do now. It is just about making things as clear as they can be in the form of an MOU.”

Read the full memorandum of understanding