All eyes on cataracts to reduce crash risk

The surgery in senior drivers is tied to lower car accident risk and costs

Cataract surgery can significantly reduce car crashes involving senior drivers and the cost of those accidents to the community, researchers say.

Their study involved 2849 drivers aged 60 and older in Western Australia, all of whom had cataract surgery on both eyes and were involved in vehicle crashes as the driver.

Altogether, 1312 participants were involved in 1347 crashes in the year before their first eye cataract surgery, 775 participants were involved in 850 crashes in the period between first and second surgery, and 895 participants were involved in 916 crashes as the driver in the year after the second surgery.

After accounting for other risk factors, the researchers found a 61% reduction in crash risk after these drivers' first cataract was removed and a 23% reduction in accidents after their second cataract operation.

The total cost of the