Alleged lover fights for pharmacist’s $6m estate

When pharmacist George Scalvos died four years ago he left a $6 million estate — and a bizarre and convoluted legal battle.

The central players were a customer who falsely claimed he was Mr Sclavos’ secret lover, the pharmacist’s nieces and an informal will left in a Bible.

Mr Okan Yesilhat, who was around 30 years younger, claimed he had a 14-year relationship with Mr Sclavos, despite marrying twice in this period.

The relationship was conducted in the private part of Mr Sclavos’s pharmacy in Leppington, South Sydney, he claimed.

So when the informal will left everything to Mr Sclavos’ two nieces, he claimed he’d been deprived of his rightful and promised share.

He alleged one of the nieces, or someone close to her, had destroyed a will leaving the estate to him and forged the informal will.

The end result was a three-in-one court case that