AMA withdraws from fight for retired doctors

THE AMA has given up the fight to retain prescribing and referral rights for retired doctors, leaving the fate of senior GPs to the mercy of the Medical Board of Australia and the Federal Government.

Following the adoption of national laws last year, GPs retiring after 1 June 2010 will lose their right to prescribe or refer unless they maintain full registration, including undertaking CPD and demonstrating “recency of practice”.

AMA vice-president Dr Steve Hambleton said the association had done all it could to help retired GPs retain limited rights, but the fight was effectively over.

“Retired doctors can still call themselves doctors but we have got to live by the umpire’s decision,” he said.

However, a recent MO online poll found 90% of 429 respondents were in favour of the retention of rights for retired doctors in some form.

Retired GP Dr Frank Johnson, who has campaigned for the