Another pregnant asylum seeker sent to Nauru

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) spokeswoman told AAP a 30-year-old woman of Rohingya origin is seven months pregnant with twins and is in detention along with her husband and two children.

UNHCR representatives visited Nauru last week and the agency said the woman was suffering from gestational diabetes.

An Iranian asylum seeker, aged 22, who is pregnant is also being detained on Nauru.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, who has limited his comments on asylum seeker matters to weekly briefings, has previously said there will be no exceptions to people being sent offshore for processing on Nauru.

At last week's briefing he said the hospital on Nauru had a maternity wing with two delivery beds, six postnatal beds and a special-care baby unit.

There are nine midwives and a paediatrician on staff.

Dr Ling Yoong, former medical director with International Health and Medical Services, who managed asylum seeker