Antibiotics could have saved baby’s life, SA coroner finds

Trinity Isabel Kison died of respiratory failure, aged 21 hours, at Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide after being born a few weeks premature during a shift handover on 27 October, 2008.

An inquest found the baby girl initially had mild breathing difficulties, but her condition deteriorated and she died early the next morning.

She had a streptococcus pneumoniae infection passed on from her mother.

Antibiotics are normally used to treat such an infection, and standard health service protocols call for the drugs to be administered in all cases where a mother's membranes rupture prematurely, regardless of whether an infection is suspected or not.

South Australian deputy state coroner Anthony Schapel found on Tuesday there had been "several missed opportunities" to have prevented or minimised the risk of Trinity's death.

"The preponderance of evidence is that Trinity probably would have survived