Antihypertensives are not so ACE when it comes to lung cancer

GP study shows long-term use is linked to a 14% higher risk

ACEIs are associated with an increased risk of lung cancer when used for more than five years, according to a study in the BMJ.

After accounting for confounding factors, ACEI use was associated with a 14% higher risk of lung cancer than ARB use, the analysis of medical records from nearly one million GP patients has found.

The risk was evident after five years, when patients taking ACEIs faced a 1.2 times greater chance of lung cancer than those taking ARBs; the risk was 1.3 times higher at 10 years.

“Although the magnitudes of the observed estimates are modest, these small relative effects could translate into large absolute numbers of patients at risk for lung cancer, so these findings need to be replicated in other settings,” report the study authors from Canada’s Gill University.

All of the patients were over 18 and either newly treated with, or had just switched to, ACEIs at the