Anti-vax advocates continue battle against HCCC

THE Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) continued its challenge in the NSW Supreme Court today against a NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) direction that it should place a notice on its website warning consumers not to read information on the site as medical advice.

Former AVN president Meryl Dorey finished giving evidence, and the matter has now been held over for a directions hearing on 6 September, and will be listed for further hearing after that date.

The AVN launched a legal challenge last year arguing the HCCC had no authority to order the network to put the statement on its website – the statement also urged consumers to consult a health professional before making decisions about vaccinations.

When the network refused, the HCCC issued a public warning to consumers stating that the conclusions of an investigation had found the AVN website “selectively quoted from research” and contained information that was