Anxiety over MLs handling PIPs scheme

With the current stream of PIPs set to run out in mid-2013, Western Sydney Medicare Local chair Professor Di O’Halloran said forcing MLs to take over allocating that money – as mooted by government – would force MLs to “look at issues of cost effectiveness” before passing on funds to practices.

She said already some MLs had “conveyed their anxiety” to the health department about the impact and had not yet been given a definitive answer. The department did not reply to MO’s request for comment.

“We’ve got to focus our energies on ensuring Medicare Locals can make a real difference in terms of integration, coordination, facilitation, change and reform, without getting into controversial areas. We have to have the trust of our local environment if we are to manage effectively,” Professor O’Halloran told MO.

Dr Brian Morton, chair of the AMA’s Council of General Practice,