Are GPs wasting their time with flu vax program? This expert says no

Professor Allen Cheng of Alfred Health presents the counterargument
Professor Chris Del Mar argued the national influenza vaccine program could be a waste of GPs' time. His main issue was the lack of high-level evidence underpinning the vaccine's efficacy.

Not all agree. For Professor Allen Cheng, the arguments are wrong-headed. Here, he explains his reasoning.

Readers of Professor Del Mar's article may come away thinking that the flu vaccine is useless.

The national program, which provides free vaccine, aims to protect individuals who are at high risk (chronic illness, pregnant women, Indigenous Australians) from severe disease.

We strongly recommend that these high-risk groups still receive influenza vaccine.

However, there are still benefits in other groups getting vaccinated, even healthy adults and children.

Trial endpoints don’t reflect the true