Are we in danger of passing peak health?

ACCORDING to conventional wisdom, we will keep living longer and enjoying ever healthier lives. After all, public health advances and technological pro­gress over the past 150 years have delivered these improvements. So why shouldn’t this continue indefinitely?

Our perspective has been largely restricted to diagnosed illness and number of years lived, ignoring more meaningful measures of health and wellbeing. 

Our time-poor, overstressed lives and iniquitous, fragmented communities have not made us any happier or healthier. 

Modern living, with its material focus, over-consumption, poor dietary choice and inactivity, has become a major contributor to chronic disease while eroding traditional, spiritual and cultural values necessary for our non-material well being.

Rates of diabetes and obesity are escalating, worsening health outcomes, diminishing quality of life, and stretching health and welfare services and budgets.