Are we getting the right primary care policies?

JUST about everybody wants to see practical achievable reform in primary healthcare. Things can and should be done better. With the right policies and proper support for GPs, it is achievable. 

But are we getting the right policies? Judging by the reaction from health professionals – not only GPs – the Government does not seem to be getting much bang for its primary care reform buck.

In the same way that GP super clinics have failed to spark the imagination of health professionals or patients, it looks like Medicare Locals are getting similarly poor reviews. And I think the criticism for the most part is justified – and not just for the lack of detail or clarity of the proposals.

The Government seems convinced that Medicare Locals will somehow take the pressure off emergency departments (EDs). Wrong. This simply will not happen. The ED problems are there because of bed block, not Category 4 or Category 5 patients. Besides, many