Are women in need of urinary incontinence screening?

Almost half of Australian women over 45 experience leakage

Should GPs screen women who are over 45 for urinary incontinence? 
That’s the question being asked in the wake of an Australian study that shows almost half of women over 45 are affected by the condition.
The NSW research reports the prevalence of urinary leakage is 44.6%, with one in five women reporting leakage once a week and one in 10 experiencing the “embarrassing” issue two to three times a week.
Growing older, multiparity, having an abnormal BMI, back pain, anxiety, depression and psychological distress put women at higher risk of urinary leakage. 
Whereas, Asian ancestry and being unemployed is associated with a lower risk, shows the study published in the journal Neurology and Urodynamics.
Given the high numbers affected, the authors from Family Planning NSW, University of Sydney and the University of Newcastle, argue that a role for routine screening