Ask an Expert PCN - Salary and conditions

WE ALL know nurses are very valuable to clinics and their patients. Only the short-sighted will tie that value solely to health funding and visible Medicare dollars. 

The change to the PNIP is accompanied by a ‘grandfathering’ arrangement for its first three years to ensure practices will not be adversely impacted by the restructure.

Nurses need to take the lead and consider where best to focus their efforts. 

Looking at the issues through a financial lens, nurses need to work with their teams to determine what drives the economic engine of their setting. 

In parallel they need to undertake an assessment of their practice community and decide what the community needs and how they can now serve that need. This needs to utilise the full scope of practice of the team without the restriction of the “for and on behalf of” item numbers.

Distinguishing between services that are well-funded and