Asthma attacks sparked by junk food

At the annual meeting of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) in Adelaide this week, researchers from the University of Newcastle presented findings from two studies suggesting that people with a diet high in inflammatory foods are more likely to suffer asthma attacks compared to those who eat anti-inflammatory foods such as fruit and vegetables.

Researchers studied 99 people with stable asthma and 61 healthy controls, calculating their intake of inflammatory foods via a dietary questionnaire and relating their diet to asthma risk, lung function and systemic inflammation.

The researchers found that the diets of people with asthma were more pro-inflammatory than the diets of controls. For every one unit increase in the dietary inflammatory score, the odds of having asthma increased by 62%. 

Significant associations were also found for inflammatory diets and reduced lung function, and for diet and levels of the inflammatory