Asylum seekers indiscriminately stripped of meds

Another asylum seeker had parts of a prosthetic leg removed, while glasses and hearing aids are also seized and can't be reclaimed without considerable efforts by medical staff, the Human Rights Inquiry into Children in Detention was told on Thursday.

"This was a major problem," said Dr John-Paul Sanggaran, who worked at Christmas Island detention centre in 2013.

"One of the more concerning, systematic things I saw was a couple of nurses standing around a garbage bin popping pills from a boat of new arrivals straight into the bin, with no records being taken of whose medication they were." 

Another doctor working at Christmas Island at the same time, Dr Grant Fergusson, said a three-year-old girl had medications stripped from her when she arrived and started to have fits shortly afterwards.

After her medications were destroyed, health services on Christmas Island could only provide her with one of the two medications she needed.