Aussie anaesthetist commemorates Bali bombing 10 year anniversary

The Brisbane-based anaesthetist and naval reserve commander was part of the resuscitation and retrieval team sent to Indonesia a day after bombings at Kuta on 12 October, 2002.

The blasts killed 202 people, including 88 Australians, and left dozens injured.

Dr Luckin says Australia's medics did themselves proud in the circumstances.

"We were thrown together at a moment's notice. In my case I was told to be at Brisbane airport in 60 minutes," he said.

"But we formed a team that worked extraordinarily well.

"[The chief medical officer] just quietly and calmly directed us to take groups of six or so patients – it was all very efficient, well-managed and disciplined."

But Dr Luckin, an expert in survival medicine, said the nature of some of the injuries created problems for doctors.

"A lot of them had very extensive burns, but they also had burns to the mouth and airways, which can swell and close up the