Aussie doctors appeal defining cricket as a 'low dynamic' sport

It's a sticky wicket classifying cricket in the same bracket as yoga and golf, say Aussie cardiologists

Australian doctors have appealed to the third umpire over a decision to classify cricket as a ‘low dynamic’ sport that demands only as much exertion as golf, yoga and riflery.

The American College of Cardiology’s Mitchell classification system has been used to place cricket in the IA category, alongside bowling and curling.

The system groups sports based on peak static and dynamic components achieved during competition.

It uses cardiovascular assessment and is widely used by doctors to make clinical decisions on whether athletes with known cardiovascular disease are safe to take part in certain sports.

Australian cardiologists argue that cricket has been misclassified and should be moved up to the IIB category, alongside sprinting, American football and rugby because of its high physical and injury demands.

Writing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Professor Christopher