Aussie military registrars, your work counts

THEY do some of the most valuable GP work on earth, yet for Australia’s military registrars the experience doesn’t count towards their training – until now.

Navy registrar Lieutenant Joel Hissink, who served last year in a joint military-civilian medical task force helping 11,000 flood victims in Pakistan, said GP training providers were beginning to realise the value of such experience and rewarding it accordingly.

“A lot of ADF registrars do deployments like this and often it’s not counted because either the operation isn’t for more than 10 weeks, which is a rule in the training guidelines, or they haven’t done enough of their early GP training… for it to count,” Lt Hissink told MO at the RACGP’s GP11 conference.

“And because you’re doing military stuff quite often, it cuts into your time so it ends up taking a long, long time to do your training… but it’s