Australia heads for worst flu season on record

Australia is heading for its worst flu season on record, with the number of cases so far exceeding 70,000.

And doctors are calling on everyone who hasn't already had a flu shot to get it done.

"It looks like we will again get the greatest number of notified cases in Australia we've ever seen," says Professor Paul Van Buynder from Gold Coast Health and the Immunisation Coalition.

"I'm confident that this is not just the biggest recorded year in our data but it's also the largest flu outbreak that we've seen for quite some time."

Queensland is among the worst-affected states, with more than 4000 notifications last week, and close to 20,000 in total.

NSW is also experiencing one of its worst flu seasons on record with 21,412 confirmed cases - more than double the same period last year.

The high rates of flu among children has been blamed for the