Australian doctor on Ebola front line

Sydney-based public health expert Dr Richard Broome has flown to Sierra Leone where he is working as part an emergency response team organised by the international Red Cross.

He arrived on 2 June, around a week after the World Health Organization was notified of the outbreak in Sierra Leone, expanding the at-risk zone as neighbouring Guinea and Liberia also recently recorded their first Ebola cases.

It is the first time the virus has been seen on the western edge of the African continent, with earlier Ebola outbreaks confined to central nations, including Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

"This outbreak was first discovered in Guinea in March this year and it is the first time Ebola has affected this part of west Africa," Dr Broome told AAP.

"Because of that, it presents some particular challenges: first of all that people here don't know about Ebola – the signs and symptoms – and why it is so important if they have