AVN changes name but keeps acronym

The group's new name, Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network, came into effect on 7 March following an order by the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal (ADT).

NSW Fair Trading Minister Stuart Ayres said it was important the group was upfront about its stance and that the new name helped clarify its views.

"I am pleased to see the association has adopted a name which reflects its purpose, given its overwhelming focus on the publication of anti-vaccination messages and information," he said in a statement.

His comments have been echoed by NSW chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant who said it was important that misinformation was not used to “sway people's decisions on such important issues”.

Fair Trading originally told the group to change its name after receiving several complaints from groups including the AMA and Stop the AVN (SAVN).

The Bangalow-based group unsuccessfully challenged the direction to change its