Back to the future – divisions revive LMAs

LMAs were the precursor to divisions and, although some survived that reform two decades ago, the change to MLs – which bundles local GPs with allied health workers, pharmacists and others – has at least two divisions rebooting in the previous format to ensure their interests are met.

“You’ve already got a group of GPs that have known each other and worked in the division for the past 20 years,” St George Division of General Practice executive director Dr Klaus Stelter told MO.

“Why disband that when you’ve got this ready-made association?”

Members of Dr Stelter’s division, set to fold into the South Eastern Sydney ML (SESML) in July, recently voted to reform its organisational “shell” as an LMA.

It will not be funded but will have its doctors collectively nominate GPs for the ML board.

Sutherland Division, which is also forming SESML, hopes to do the same at an