Bariatric surgery may protect against heart failure death

Patients with the condition are 50% less likely to die if they've had the surgery, study shows

Obese adults who have bariatric surgery and later develop congestive heart failure (CHF) have a lower risk of dying than their peers who have not had weight-loss surgery, research suggests.

The study — presented at Obesity Week 2018, hosted by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and the Obesity Society in Tennesse — comes after previous research has shown people with obesity are at increased risk of developing heart failure.

It uses data on 2810 hospital patients with CHF who have a history of bariatric surgery and two propensity score matched control groups of 14,050 patients, each with CHF but no history of bariatric surgery.

Control group one was limited to patients with obesity (BMI of 35 or more) and control group two was matched according to post-surgery BMI with the bariatric surgery group.

The results showed that in