Beside manner the biggest complaint by patients

The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission’s annual report, published last week, showed the regulator received 2947 complaints about individual health practitioners in 2012/13, up 13% from the previous year.

Among those, doctors were by far the most complained about group with 1616 complaints in the year, up 8.6%.

The biggest complaint category remained “treatment” at 40% but that was a decline of 6.2% from the prior year.

Meanwhile, complaints in the “communication” category rose by 5.6% to 20.7%, or 1731 complaints in total.

Of those communication-related complaints, more than two thirds or 1013 concerned the “attitude and manner of the health practitioner”, the report said.

Another 381 were about the practitioner giving “incorrect/misleading information” while there were 316 complaints about a practitioner giving “inadequate” information.

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