The best discipline of them all

GP Dr Liz Marles says the reason she has spent the past two years as both the RACGP vice-president and the NSW/ACT faculty chair is the same reason she wants to be elected national president later this year: she loves general practice.

It is the reason she is a GPET board member, the reason she supervises students, registrars and prevocational doctors and, ultimately, the reason she abandoned a teaching career at the age of 28 to re-enrol in medicine.

“To make that commitment later in life, it is something you have to be passionate about,” Dr Marles says.

“I originally trained as a high school biology and maths teacher but I became more and more interested in medicine as I taught.

“I also became very interested in the course that was being offered in Newcastle and I applied as a mature age student and started when I was 28 with another five years of undergraduate work and a couple of years in hospitals ahead.