Bid to boost statins after hospital discharge

A review of almost 100,000 heart attack patients highlight the need to continue efforts to increase high-intensity statin use following hospital discharge.

Recent meta-analyses of trials in patients who have had a coronary event show that subsequent events can be reduced by 25-30%, with an absolute reduction of 48 major vascular events per 1000 treated for each 1mmol/L reduction in LDL cholesterol level.

While the results from the latest study, which is based on US hospital admissions for acute coronary syndrome, suggest stronger statin use is on the rise, efforts to boost prescriptions are still needed, say the authors.

In this report, high-intensity statins included atorvastatin 40 or 80mg and rosuvastatin 20 or 40mg.

Writing in JAMA Cardiology, the authors note the proportion of people with private health insurance who got a high-intensity statin prescription filled for secondary prevention